Passaic-Clifton Gemach

Interest Free Loans for Our Community

Why a Gemach?

Lending money interest-free is a higher form of tzedaka, far greater than giving a donation!

A donation may support a life for a day, but a loan preserves that sense of self-sufficiency necessary to get back on your feet, long-term. That’s why every community is expected to support at least one interest-free loan society (Chofetz Chaim).

The Passaic-Clifton Gemach was founded by local community members who saw a growing need to support families struggling with economic hardships.

Who can get funds?

Any member of the Passaic-Clifton community is eligible to apply for a loan of up to $15,000 irrespective of credit score or income. Funds can be used for any reason including covering unexpected car or home repair expenses, paying off high interest credit card debts, or medical expenses. Typical loans are structured with monthly installment payments over a 12-24 month term but are customized to the needs of individual borrowers.

For funding consideration, borrowers will need to fill out a simple application and provide guarantors for the funds. Applications can often be reviewed and funded within days. For more information about how to apply, please fill out the form below and an administrator will be in touch.

The Passaic-Clifton Gemach is able to fund interest-free loans to our community through the generous contributions of our supporters. If you are interested in joining in this mitzvah and supporting us, please fill out the form below to arrange a donation or loan of funds to the gemach.

How can I help?